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Birthday party FAQ's

Here is the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) regarding birthday parties.

The process....

Umm, I'm new to this. How does this all work?

First thing, read this answer in it's entirety. Next pick a date & time that will work for you and your child. Pick whether you would like a pizza party or a hot dog party. Give us a call (612-388-2900) to schedule your party or ask any other questions. Put a $50 deposit down (this ensures we will hold the date and time).

In the mean time, send invitations to all the guests letting them know your going to have a fantastic party at Thunder Blades. (Don't forget to include the date and time). Gather plates, forks, napkins, candles and, most importantly, a cake or cupcakes. (Basically everything you will need to serve the cake, we will provide everything for the food and drinks we provide.)

The day of the party, bring all your supplies and a list of names of all the guests that you will be paying for, oh, don't forget to bring the birthday child! Give the list to the person checking people in. We'll check off the guests as they arrive, while you enjoy the fun atmosphere.

Near the end of the party time we will bring you your bill (minus the $50 deposit).

Why don't I just come in the day of my party without booking it. Won't I come out ahead?

No. The price is cheaper by booking one in advance. Here's the breakdown:

Admission:         $4.50

Rental:                $3.50

Pizza ($12/4):     $3.00 (subtract $0.50 for a hot dog party)

Chips:                 $1.00

Drink:                  $4.00

Glow Necklace:  $2.00

     Total              $18.00* ($17.50* for a hot dog party)


*Price doesn't include a guranteed table, redemption tickets & birthday announcement.


Before the party.

Why do I have to put down a $50 deposit and how will I know it won't be given to some Nigerian Prince?

First we aren't that gullible to send to some scam. Secondly, we require a deposit as a commitment on your part that you will show up (or reschedule if need be) the day of the party. Imagine how you would feel if we turned you down for a party from us, then found out we had empty spots available because people decided to not show up. (You would be surprised how times that's happened before we implemented the policy.) Lastly, we prefer to spend money on items closer to well known U.S. bridges, bought from strangers who do business in dark alleys, late at night.

What if an emergency comes up or I need to reschedule the party day, will I loose the deposit?

No! Just give us a call and let us know you need to reschedule. The deposit will be applied toward the new date. Don't forget to let all the guest's know the party is canceled and rescheduled.

The day of the party.

How will you know who is in my party when we check in?

Great question! Please bring a list of all the children you will paying for in the party. If your not sure if someone will show up or not, put their name on the list. We will only charge you for the poeple that show up. If you want the adults to be part of the party, put them on the list also. If you want to just pay the admission cost and rental and order seperate pizzas, just indicate it on the list.


With the list, we will check off each guest as they arrive. That way you won't have to wait for each guest to arrive at the front door.

If I choose the pizza party, what kind of pizza will be served?

We serve Heggies Pizza. A local pizza factory that makes the pizza from fresh ingredients and real cheese. Find out more from their web site Each child will receive 2 slices of a 12" double cheese pizza.

If I choose the hot dog party, what kind of hot dogs will be served?

We serve Ballpark All Beef hot dogs. Find out more from their web site Each child will receive an all beef hot dog on a bun, served in a tray.

Can I order extra food for my party?

Yes. You can order extra food, drinks and novelty items for your party. We will add it to your open tab and combine it all together in 1 final bill.

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