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Thunder Blades Roller Rinks policies to maintain a fun and safe facility for  our patrons. Our rules and regulations are firmly and fairly enforced. 

Changes to Admissions:

    Due to the State’s capacity limitation, you may be turned away.

    Because of the capacity limitation, all guests will have to pay admission (including observers).

Dress Code:


No clothing that could be considered distasteful for our family friendly environment will be allowed in the building.  Thunder Blades Roller Rink requires decency and cleanliness of all guests.

  • No bare feet. Socks are required for all rentals.

  • Any object found on the rink floor that posses a danger to other skaters will be confiscated. Return of the item will be up to the discretion of our staff members.

  • No oversized or torn up pants that may get caught in roller skate wheels.

Floor Rules:


Thunder Blades Roller Rink will penalize any guest that does not practice safe skating while in our facility.

  • No Pushing, tripping or playing tag.

  • No speed skating. Speed skating is defined as anyone skating to fast for the flow of traffic and in a manner hazardous to other skaters.

  • No stopping along the wall . All skaters must attempt to keep moving at all times.

  • No eating or drinking over the half wall surrounding the skating surface or on the skating floor.

  • No sitting or climbing over the half wall surrounding the skating floor.

  • Jumps, spins or dancing are to be kept to the center of the floor and are permitted only during un-crowded sessions. Upto the discretion of the Manager or Floor Guard on duty.

  • Parents are not allowed to carry children on the rink floor.

General Rules:


Thunder Blades Roller Rink requires these guidelines for the comfort and safety of all guests.

  • Toe stops or dance plugs are required on all skates.

  • All Skates (Inline or Quad) are subject to inspection by the management. Be prepared to rent, if your skates are dirty or damaged.

  • No smoking inside the building and no smoking on the premises by a minor.

  • No gum chewing allowed in our building.

  • No in and out privileges. (if you forgot something in your vechicle please let us know before going out to get it)

  • No intoxication of any kind.

  • No sitting on or climbing over the half wall surrounding the skate area.

  • No climbing or sitting on corner stage areas on skate floor.

  • No food or beverages can be brought into Thunder Blades.

  • All food, candy & drinks must be kept in the snack bar area.

  • We charge for all children over 3yrs to enter the building. 

  • Toddlers in rental strollers are required to pay admission and remain strapped in while on the rink floor and can only be pushed by an adult.

  • Only adults will be considered spectators.

  • Small children may not be left unattended at any time and are required to stay in the arcade and snack bar area when not skating.

  • All shoes, coats, backpacks or other personal items will not be kept behind our counters. Lockers are available for your items.

  • Thunder Blades is not responsible for lost or missing items. If your items are important lock them up ;)

  • Foul language will not be tolerated.

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