Your group of 15* or more can have your very own private session. A great way to celebrate accomplishments, do awards ceremony, have members invite friends or just to have a good time with only you and your loved ones.


This is a great source of fun for clubs, scouts, summer camps, day cares, schools, churchs, youth groups, businesses and of course, family and friends. For 90 mins of fun, it's only $225  for upto 15 guests and an additional $15 per guests above that.


*All guests at your private event will be counted in the cost, skatng or not.


Private parties are avaliable when we're not open to the public.

Avaliable times:

Mondays . . . . . all day

Tuedays . . . . . .mornings & afternoons

Wednesday. . . mornings & afternoons

Thursdays . . . .mornings & afternoons

Fridays . . . . . . .mornings & afternoons

Saturdays. . . . .early mornings

Sundays . . . . . .early mornings & evenings 

Music, lights, and rolling in fun. What better way celebrate and have a good time than with your very own private session.

To find if a date is available please call/text us at 612-388-2900, or fill out the form below.

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