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New arcade games have arrived!

Musical Chairs, Monkeys Mole Panic, Eye-Bot, Whistle Stop & Zap

Musical Chairs - As the prizes come past the pusher, you want to push your prize up the moving ramp to the hole. Then clam your prize below!

Monkeys Mole Panic - An updated version of the old wack-a-mole. The screen shows which button to press on the play board. The buttons don't light up during play to make it that much more challenging. Your choice of wacking mokey's or mole's. The more you wack the more tickets you win!

Eye-Bot - Tilt the play board using a joystick to get the 3 balls in the 3 holes before the time runs out! Claim your tickets after you play.

Whistel Stop - As the central tower begins to rotate to the sound of a train. Push the button to stop the "train." If a prize lines up with the green lights are pointing, you win!

Zap - Stop the bouncing light on the blue jackpot and win up to 750 tickets!

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