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Roller Skating Fitness Facts:

Did you know that Roller Skating at Thunder Blades Roller Rink will help improve your over all health!


1. Roller Skating 30 minutes produces a heart rate of at least 148 beats per minute.

2. Roller Skating 1 hour per week will burn 600 calories.

3. Roller Skating builds strength and increases muscle endurance.

4. Roller Skating works most muscle groups including: Glutes (that's right ladies it tightens the bootie!) quads, Abs, Calves & Arms

5. Rollerskating causes 50% LESS stress to joints than running. (and its way more fun!)

So ask yourself this one question:

Which ROLL would you rather have A Fun ROLL at Thunder Blades Roller Rink or a Fat ROLL sitting on the couch watching tv or playing video games?


Get up, get active & see results!

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